[Ticket] Storm of Fate - Vane, Moyra + supports

5,20 $ incl. VAT

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This is a collectible ticket. To purchase the online ticket navigate to https://goout.net/pl/koncerty/vane+moyra+goscie/lacbf/+xwsro/

Over the course of four weeks, Vane and Moyra will play on the joint Storm of Fate Tour in eight clubs scattered around Poland. Both bands will be supported by bands that will be announced soon.

The dates:

2020-02-28 – Zielona Góra, Wyspa (+ Shodan, La Ninia)
2020-02-29 – Jarocin, Spichlerz (+ Shodan, La Ninia)
2020-03-06 – Gdańsk, Wydział Remontowy (+ Shodan)
2020-03-07 – Łódź, Magnetofon (+ Shodan, La Ninia)
2020-03-13 – Kraków, Zaścianek (+ Spatial, Gentuza)
2020-03-14 – Chorzów, Leśniczówka (+ Spatial,  Gentuza)
2020-03-20 – Wrocław, Liverpool (+ La Ninia, The Burning Hands)
2020-03-21 – Warszawa, Voodoo Club (+ Testor, The Burning Hands)

Tickets: 20/30 PLN

All details about the start time and running order will be shared later.

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