The Ritual (DIGIPACK)

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Single The Ritual with bonus tracks of previously unreleased on a CD EP The Prologue. Released in 2019. DIGIPACK version.

The Ritual

Music: Mateusz Gajdzik, Marcin Parandyk, Marcin Zdeb, Łukasz Łukasik
Lyrics: Marcin Parandyk, Robert Zembrzycki
Produced by: Mateusz Gajdzik, Przemysław Nowak
Mixed & Mastered by: Przemysław Nowak
Recorded at: Impressive Art Studio
Cover Artwork: Julita Arendt

The Prologue

Music: Mateusz Gajdzik, Marcin Parandyk
Lyrics for “Your Pain I Am”: Robert Zembrzycki
Lyrics for “Born Again” and “Edge of Cutlass”: Robert Zembrzycki, Marcin Parandyk
Produced by: Mateusz Gajdzik
Mixed & Mastered by: Tomasz “ZED” Zalewski
Recorded at: DMB Studio, Studio Centrum, Mateusz Gajdzik Home Studio

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