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Special edition of Black Vengeance, released in a wooden box, engraved cover, handcrafted by the band and crew. Consisting of:

  • 1 CD: Black Vengeance – CD, full-length album, originally released in 2018, reissued in 2019
  • 2CD: 
    • The Ritual – single, released in 2019
    • BONUS: The Prologue – EP, originally released in 2017 (digitally). First time on a CD
  • a patch with Vane logo
  • guitar picks
  • a sealed letter
  • a sticker
  • 16 pages Black Vengeance booklet

Everything is played with passion, every note is meticulously thought through, and the riffs and melodies literally slay” – KVLT (9/10)

This is an album full of passion and raw power” – PowerPlay (6/7)

It’s heavy, it’s loud, it’s straight to the point” – MetalSide (9/10)

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Full length, EP

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