Łukasz Łukasik leaves Vane

This one is going to be serious. We have another line-up change to announce. Łukasz Łukasik (bass) decided to leave the band. This leaves us in a difficult spot, but we were in much more challenging situations before. What doesn’t kill us makes u stronger! We already have a man who will support us during the upcoming tour, so no show is at risk. We will announce who that is at a later date.

Łukasz was an integral part of Vane for a very long time and we are not happy with what has happened. We hope that he will continue his musical journey and will be very successful. We wish him well!

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Dear customer!

We all know what is happening recently. We are doing our best to make sure that your orders arrive on time and without problems, but as we are dependent on external companies, delivery in particular, we are unable to guarantee that the parcel always arrives on time. In case of any problems we will be contacting you or please contact us when the parcel isn't arriving on time.

Also, because of the limitations of shipment via Poczta Polska we decided to add DPD to our providers! Currently just for Poland, but we're working on expanding it to all countries.