Vane from left to right: Mateusz Gajdzik (guitar), Łukasz Łukasik (bass), Marcin Parandyk (vocals), Marcin Zdeb (drums), Robert Zembrzycki (guitar). Photo by Robert Zembrzycki


Groove/melodic death metal meets pirates? Why not! Vane takes the best of both worlds – heavy yet melodic riffs, growling vocals, fast drums and bone breaking bass together with a captivating story deeply rooted in actual history of The Golden Age of Piracy. This mix brings music about pirates from pub and brothels full of drunken mutineers to the metal ballrooms.

Vane was formed at the end of 2016 by two friends – Mateusz Gajdzik and Robert Zembrzycki. The two guitarists soon recruited the rest of the band mates – Marcin Frąckowiak, Marcin Parandyk, and Marcin Zdeb and decided to record a debut EP with three songs. “The Prologue” was released in just one year after the inception of the project and received very positive feedback from both fans and critics.

After one year of hard work and a change in the lineup (Frąckowiak was replaced by Łukasz Łukasik), Vane released their debut full-length album, named “Black Vengeance”. Consisting the three songs from EP and seven more original tracks, the album tells a story about one of the strangest pirates of his times. The release of the album was supported by a tour and three music videos.

After relentlessly pounding venue after venue, Vane entered the studio once again, and recorded “The Ritual” single – a piece filling one of many gaps in the cinematic story of “Black Vengeance” album. It was released on 8th May 2019.


The latest single from Polish death / groove metal outfitVane fills in one of many gaps in the story from the bands 2018 Black Vengence album – here we find out what happened to the courtesan from the track “Spilling Guts” after she betrayed the protagonist of the story. Her reward turned out to be quite grim, as she was sacrificed to the Voodoo spirits in a carefully depicted ritual.
With “The Ritual” the band delivers an undeniably brutal track with musical nods to Decapitated, Lamb of God and In Flames alongside powerful vocals and thematic content that mixes the best of melodic death metal….with pirates!


The Ritual

Single, released: 08.05.2019

Black Vengeance

CD, released: 30.11.2018


1. Born Again
2. Edge of the Cutlass
3. I Am Your Pain
4. Randy Dandy-O
5. Death’s Season
6. Spilling Guts
7. Mutiny
8. Rise To Power
9. Black Vengeance
10. Davy’s Grip
11. Hangman

The Prologue

EP, released: 08.12.2017


1. Born Again
2. Edge of Cutlass
3. Your Pain I Am

photo by Kovaal
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