The Nightmare – new EP announcement & preorder

Ahoy, ye scallywags!

The time has come for us to release a new record!
“The Nightmare” is a five-track EP containing the following songs:

  1. Row, Ye Scallywags!
  2. The Cannibal
  3. The Burial
  4. Become the Nightmare
  5. Walk the Plank

While you should be familiar with the first two, the others are a brand new thing!
The release date is set to… 03/09/2020 – so it could be yours in less than a month!

About the release: unlike just a collection of tracks, it is a concept that we’ve started to work on back in 2019 when we first released the Row, Ye Scallywags! single. “What is it?” – you may ask. Well, it’s a story of a legendary ship called Flying Dutchman, but told in our own way, so you can expect some plot twists, violence, and drama!

The cover art was designed by none other than Michał XAAY Loranc, who worked with us previously on Black Vengeance and Row, Ye Scallywags!

With this at hand, we are happy to launch a special preorder for you, where you can buy the CD and a matching awesome t-shirt at a discounted price. Just click here to check it out yourself!

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