The Ritual music video

Almost seven months ago we released our first full album “Black Vengeance”. With it’s lyrics and music it told us the stories that are rooted in the Golden Age of Piracy. Now it’s time to come back and tie all the loose ends with “The Ritual”.

“Black Vengeance” led us through the successes and failures of our protagonist. As the story evolves, we learn that every decision must have it’s consequences. Not all of them good. Some of the characters along the way have made it. Some of them were not so fortunate. “The Ritual” fills all the gaps that we have left in the previous story. Let it also be a lesson of what happens when you try to outsmart one of the greatest pirates of all times.

The time is now. The exclusive premiere is unleashed upon you, courtesy of Decibel Magazine! Enjoy!

Click here to watch!

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