Death’s Season music video!

After the announcement of a full-length debut album “Black Vengeance” and release of a debut single and music video for “Rise to Power” via Metal Injection, VANE are now premiering a new music video from the upcoming album. The video for “Death’s Season” was officially launched via Facebook livestream on Tuesday. Beside the video launch the band members joined the live stream where they were answering questions about the new song, the upcoming album and more.

To find out more, we took to the musicians themselves – here’s what they had to say about “Death’s Season”:

About the new song guitarist Robert Zembrzycki stated: ‘Death’s Season’ is a very guitar driven song that harkens back to the more classic era of heavy metal music. To capture this spirit, we decided on a very oldschool approach to our video – we wanted to showcase the band, the instruments and gear that we use in a setting that does not distract from it. Special thanks goes to Tobiasz Hes, for providing his amazing cabinets, which not only enriched the video, but also made the album sound as killer as it does.”

His bandmate and guitarist Mateusz Gajdzik added: “Personally, I love all the riffs in Death’s season, but for me two moments stand out in particular! The first one is an interesting vocal line of Marcin Parandyk, who almost raps at some point. Second – the beginning of the solo, which is later picked up by the rhythm guitar, while the solo evolves. This is not that obvious when you listen to it for the first time, but you can discover it after listening to Death’s Season multiple times, or… after I tell you!”

Watch the video here:

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