New album details revealed

Allrighty, ya filthy landlubbers! It’s time to reveal some bits from what’s coming to your speakers very soon! As you probably know, we have been working very intensively on our debut CD. The album will be titled “Black Vengeance” and we will release it on 30th of November 2018! Isn’t that awesome? It will consist of 11 songs. You can find the titles at the bottom of the post.

But there’s more. The graphics above is the cover artwork of the release. It’s a masterpiece made by Michał “XAAY” Loranc, known for working with such bands as Nile, Behemoth, Kamelot or Decapitated.

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The complete tracklist of “Black Vengeance”:
1. Born Again
2. Edge of the Cutlass
3. I Am Your Pain
4. Randy Dandy-O
5. Death’s Season
6. Spilling Guts
7. Mutiny
8. Rise to Power
9. Black Vengeance
10. Davy’s Grip
11. Hangman

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